Hypertension Awareness on World Health Day 2013

World Health Organization LogoFinding out if you have Hypertension could save your life!

The theme for this year’s World Health Day is high blood pressure. Each year a different theme is selected to highlight an area of concern for global public health. Since 1948 World Health Day has been celebrated on April 7th to mark the anniversary of the founding of the WHO.

Hypertension is a big worry, so the people down at Boehringer Ingelheim have put together an infographic which does a great job of highlighting the seriousness of global Hypertension, as well as what we can do to prevent it in our lives.

The statistics are shocking: 77% of people who have their first stroke also have high blood pressure; 69% of people who have their first heart attack also have high blood pressure; each year 7.5 million deaths are related to high blood pressure. It is projected that 1.5 billion people will have Hypertension by the year 2025 – that’s over 18% of the entire estimated world population suffering from high blood pressure!

But there are things we can do to change this:

  • drink in moderation

  • stop smoking

  • watch your weight

  • keep your heart healthy

  • be active

Visit the British Heart Foundation website for more information on HIgh Blood Pressure. You can view the full infographic below.

Diagnosing Hypertension Can Save Lives - Boehringer Ingelheim