Bonjour Doctors 2.0, and welcome to Paris Nitro Digital!

The 2013 Doctors 2.0 & You conference is being held in the Cité Universitaire, Paris, from 6th – 7th June 2013. Nitro’s own: Andy Stafford, Peter Mortimer, Rachel Mills, and Jules Pancholi; are at the event along with Boehringer Ingleheim’s John Pugh.

Aside from being an awesome networking event, we’re super excited to be at Doctors 2.0 because John Pugh is sharing the beta Syrum game latest stats. On Thursday 6th at 1:30pm John will take the stage during the Physician engagement in global networked communities talk to present on gaming and competitive education. As part of his presentation he’ll be sharing how successful Syrum been as a social media game on drug development within the pharma industry.

Can social media embrace a game about the phrama industry? Well, according to the infographic shared by Boehringer Ingelheim the answer is “of course!”  Check out the full infographic and more information on the demographics of Syrum at

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Rachel Mills from Nitro DigitalJules Pancholi from Nitro Digital
Peter Mortimer from Nitro DigitalAndy Stafford from Nitro Digital