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Electrode Vest in Cardiac Arrhythmia Diagnosis Trial

A revolutionary new vest may help diagnose abnormal heart rhythms. The ECVUE vest from CardioInsight is the first of its kind, a non-Invasive Electrocardiographic Mapping System which creates a complete picture of the heart; enabling healthcare professionals to pinpoint where abnormal electrical activity is occurring within the heart, cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure.

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Hypertension Awareness on World Health Day 2013

World Health Organization LogoFinding out if you have Hypertension could save your life!

The theme for this year’s World Health Day is high blood pressure. Each year a different theme is selected to highlight an area of concern for global public health. Since 1948 World Health Day has been celebrated on April 7th to mark the anniversary of the founding of the WHO.

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Cancer Research UK speeds up search with mobile game

The cure for cancer is an on-going global problem to solve. Scientists from Cancer Research UK have recently announced a new plan for tackling the humungous task of analysing all the data. This is a necessary task in order to move forward with the development of Cancer treatment drugs.

Carlos Caldas at Cancer Research UK’s Cambridge Institute explains: “We’re making great progress in understanding the genetic reasons cancer develops. But the clues to why some drugs will work and some won’t are held in data that needs to be analysed by the human eye – and this could take years.”

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